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Cornell University, founded in 1865, is a land-grant institution. It has always done things a little differently. In the mid-19th century, for example, when Ezra Cornell founded “this institution where any person can find instruction in any study,” he brought into being a university that was nonsectarian, offered instruction to all who were qualified, regardless of race or gender and welcomed rich and poor. It offered courses in agriculture, the mechanic arts, American history and modern literature on an equal footing with the classics and encouraged students to choose their own programs. Cornell is still a place where you can take intellectual risks, explore the unfamiliar and follow unconventional but promising ideas through to their conclusions. Programs are offered through the Colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Architecture, Art, and Planning; Arts and Sciences; Engineering; and Human Ecology; and the Schools of Hotel Administration and Industrial and Labor Relations. Without question, Cornell is one of the nation’s most comprehensive research universities, yet teaching still comes first. Its 745-acre campus is located in Ithaca, 45 miles from Syracuse.

Entrance Difficulty: Most difficult
Overall Admission Rate: 19% of 34,371 applicants were admitted
Early Action Offered: No
Early Decision Offered: Yes
Regular Admission Deadline: January 3
Factors Considered for Selection of Students
Academic GPA: Very Important
Standardized Tests: Very Important
Essay: Very Important
Extracurricular Activities: Very Important
Qualifications of Enrolled Freshmen
Average GPA: Not reported
SAT Math: 660-770 range of middle 50%
SAT Critical Reading:  630-730 range of middle 50%
SAT Writing: Not reported
ACT Composite: 29-33 range of middle 50%

Cost of Attendance: $53,096
Tuition and Fees: $39,666
Room and Board: $12,650
Average Percent of Need Met: 100%
Average Freshman Award: $36,062
Average Indebtedness of 2009 Graduates: $21,549

Academic Calendar System: Semester
General Education/Core Curriculum: Not required
Full-Time Faculty Teaching Undergraduates: 1,685
Regular Class Size: 2-9 students: 2-9 students: 16% of classes
10-19 students: 40% of classes
20-29 students: 12% of classes
30-39 students: 8% of classes
40-49 students: 6% of classes
50-59 students: 12% of classes
Over 100 students: 6% of classes

Financial Aid Office Contacts
Web Site:  Financial Aid Web Site

Financial Aid Application Process
Application Deadline: January 1
Award Notification: On or about April 1
Methodology for Awarding Institutional Aid: Institutional Methodology
Forms Required: Cost to File
FAFSA Code is 002711: Free

University Web Site:

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